RLD Brotherhood

Will Freemen


  • You’re a 6, 7, or 8 figure entrepreneur (if you’re not there yet, I still love you, just watch my free content and buy my courses until you get your money up, then join us) 
  • You’re high IQ
  • You believe in a higher power (ideal but not necessary)
  • You’re agreeable and polite


  • You’re worried about the roll out of the gre@t res3t over the next decade
  • You’re worried about CBDCs, social credit, smart cities, inflation, and higher taxes
  • You recognise that this next decade might be the last window you have to get free
  • You’re worried you don’t have the right investments to protect you over the next decade
  • You’re worried you’re not living in the right city to protect your physical security
  • You’re worried you don’t have enough international bank accounts, residencies and passports
  • You’re worried that you don’t have an international network of guys to help you if you need it
  • You don’t have successful bros on every continent to meet up with and give you game on the local landscape
  • You’re struggling to find a group of like minded, successful, high IQ, “truth pilled” brothers
  • You’re worried you don’t have the right connections with lawyers and fixers abroad
  • You’re worried you don’t have the right information on how global politics effects your security
  • You like money/business Twitter, zer@ hedge, and political/crypto telegram groups
  • You feel alone and isolated because all your old friends are sleepwalking normies and you don’t have anyone to talk about real sh#t with
  • You don’t want to join other networks because you know they’re aren’t curated or screened properly and that the group chat is mostly degen/low IQ guys flexing and sh$tposting


Our brotherhood is stacked with my 6,7,8 figure entrepreneur clients and friends. We include owners of banks, tech moguls, VCs, poker players, traders, service business owners, online celebrities, real estate investors, owners of engineering firms, owners of legal firms, owners of currency brokerages, and many other winners. RLD was established in 2012 and the network we put together is no joke. Also, everyone’s nice and respectful.

The Age range is 23 to 50, the vibe is agreeable, brotherly yet intellectually sharp, and you won’t have to worry about low IQ losers posting about the girls they b@nged, or their dumb wantrepreneur business ideas, this is a winners only circle. In our brotherhood you can freely post without the worry of being disrespected or having to see your feed be clogged with unproductive garbage.

Lastly, unlike some other groups we advocate our guys to keep a low profile, stay under the radar, not talk about fight club, and follow the laws of the land (there will be no liabilities LARPing in our group and bringing the heat down on our heads).


  • How to survive and thrive under the incoming new economic world order
  • High level global political analysis and how it affects your wealth and security (Will still hates politics but the bros love it)
  • High level investment and trading (gambling) game on equities, gold, crypto, think the BEST of money twitter, zer0 hedg3, telegram groups, etc.(Will doesn’t still doesn’t like trading because its gambling but the bros do )
  • High level game on real estate investing (Will still doesn’t like real estate investing but the bros do)
  • High level business game (Hormozi, Dan Sullivan)
  • BTC investment and protection (cold wallet storage procedure)
  • Physical GOLD investment, protection and storage (where to buy internationally, store and how to sell)
  • Basing up, bank accounts, residencies, properties in South East Asia
  • Basing up, bank accounts, and residencies, properties Latin America
  • Basing up, bank accounts, and residencies, properties in Eastern Europe
  • Basing up, bank accounts, and residencies, properties in Dubai
  • Survival and thrival for guys that choose to stay in North America
  • Strategies to get your income up
  • Potential deals and business partners (once you’ve been vetted)
  • Group meetups by region (self scheduled between brothers – not facilitated by RLD – once you’ve been vetted)
  • Privacy/Security/Opsec strategies
  • Which expat service provider to use
  • Global events effecting your wealth and physical security and how to play them
  • How to plan for the coming social credit system, central bank digital currencies, AI smart cities, global wealth tax, high inflation
  • Which currencies are falling apart for you to geoarbitrage by moving there
  • How to protect your physical security at home and abroad


  • Illegal activities
  • Wantrepreneur ideas
  • Bragging and flexing about the money you make and your lifestyle (we’re all rich)
  • Bragging and flexing about the girls you b@nged (we all get women and also no one cares…. and it clogs up the chat with worthlessness)
  • Negative, aggressive posting towards other brothers
  • Covert disagreeability under the disguise of playing “devils advocate”
  • Value leeching without contributing


  • LIFETIME access to our Signal group (or whatever platform we might move to in the future), this is a one time fee with no recurring membership charges
  • Once you pay you’re in our network forever, we don’t leave brothers behind!
  • In our Signal group chat, we talk strategically every day of the year about maxing out our income, net worth, security and lifestyle options – we don’t take days off


  • Signals encryption protocol is open source, telegram is not
  • Signal is end to end encryption, whereas telegram stores your information on its cloud servers
  • Signals end to end encryption is world class, telegram is garbage
  • All of Signal’s messages and content are encrypted by default, not the case for Telegram
  • Telegram collects more data on you. Whereas Signal, even under the full force of an FBI subpoena – which they declared publicly – could only share account creation date, because that is all they had.
  • Telegram collects data on your contacts, contact info and identifiers, signal collects nothing
  • Signal only stores the date on which you created your account as well as the last time you connected, Telegram’s metadata includes your IP address (which can give away your location) as well as who you are talking to and when, that means authorities show up at Telegram’s facilities with a search warrant and get that sh$t
  • Russian billionaires own Telegram, Signal is open source/not for profit (just like BTC)


  • You pay
  • You get an invite to our Signal app group and immediately auto-approved
  • If you don’t already have Signal, you download the app from the app store and set it up
  • You decide what your Signal profile name (you can use an alt or a pseudonym)
  • You get the invite and introduce yourself
  • You get to stay in our network forever
  • We survive and thrive together, communicating strategically on a daily basis over signal
  • We pray for the normies, NPCs and non members (but we know they’re probably NGMI)
  • You thank yourself a decade from now

*unless you act like an @sshole to our brothers in the group chat in which case we ban you for life without a refund


1) Money: We will help you earn more income, multiply your net worth through making the right investments, and protect your wealth. You’ll also have the opportunity to find business partners, investors in your deal, guys who can get you access to credit etc.

2) Survival: We will help you, and the people you care about, survive and thrive in the new economic order, if you can’t get your money, investments and security right in the next decade you and your family will most likely be permanently f@cked. The game has changed post pandemic, we all NEED to be in the top 0.01% globally to survive and thrive.

3) Expatriation: Through our global network you’ll find insider information on expatriation, how to build local networks, and which service providers to use in each region of the world

4) Fellowship: You’ll be able to experience brotherly love and true fellowship with like minded men. Already, through my introductions, my clients and friends have met up independently on every continent (Africa included), partnered with each other in business, invested with each other, lived together in exotic destinations, and build what I hope will be lifelong friendships.

5) Knowledge: If you stay with us over the next decade, you will 10x your strategic knowledge on business, wealth, expatriation and security.



If you’re interested, and you qualify, click the payment link and join our brotherhood today!

I want this!

RLD Brotherhood

I want this!