Life Game: How To Play The Game Of Life

Will Freemen

What if I told you life was a game, would you like to be able to see life this way?

Would you want to understand how and why this world was created?

Do you want to learn the hidden hierarchy behind the game and the spiritual science that suppresses self knowledge.

Do you want to know the hidden history of the world from the inception of the world until your birth?

Would you want to understand who created you?

Would you be interested in understanding why HE created you?

Would you want to know why this world is so corrupt and painful despite being created with the intention of love by your CREATOR?

Would you want to be able to see the difference between your character in the game and who you really are?

Would you want to understand how the powerful people on this planet have programmed you to play the game?

Do you want to truly understand yourself, see past your blind spots, and develop sight beyond sight?

Do you want to understand the science behind creating your ideal life, and why most people will never understand how to do it?

Do you want to understand how life is a series of games and how to play those games?

Do you want to understand how you actually experience life on this planet as opposed to how you think you experience life?

Do you want access to my field tested systems, strategies and tactics that I've perfected over a decade on myself and my successful coaching clients on how to play and win all of life's most important game?

Do you want to take this knowledge and use it to hack the game to your advantage?

Do you want to take action on becoming the best version of yourself, fulfilling your potential and living a life that is fun, fulfilling and exciting, a life most men only dream about?

Do you want to already know what works, to learn from the successes and failures of myself, and my successful expat entrepreneur clients, who live life on their own terms from anywhere in the world?

Do you want 10 hours of concentrated lifestyle optimization game delivered to you on a silver platter, with every goal, project and task required already provided for you, for every game worth game playing? So you don't have to stumble through life in trial and error, trying to figure it all out by yourself.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this course might be for you.... but it's not for fact this game is barely for anyone.


The masses prefer to stay dumb, deaf and blind.

To be fed sweet lies...

No...this wisdom is only fit for a philosopher king.

Maybe 1 out of 1000 men is a fit for this game, and that's being generous.

The game revealed in this course is only for men with ears to hear...

And eyes to see.

And hearts to pursue their purpose on this planet

Because once you've seen what life is, you can't unsee it.

You can't go back to sleep.

The true nature of the world can't be unseen.

You will be forced to recognize GOD's purposes for you on this planet.

And you will be FORCED to fulfill your potential.

You'll see that anything less is wilfull sabotage of your CREATOR's design.

You'll see clearly how you've been living below your capabilities.

And you'll see exactly what is required to become the best version of yourself.

You'll also learn how to make life fun again, to be able to play games again, to have a second childhood, except this time with money, total freedom and adult games.

And most importantly, you'll be given a path, a life raft, a hand reaching down and pulling you up.

Pulling you up to the level of greatness you deserve, with a path through the darkness that path I call the middle path.

And with this middle path you'll be able to forge a life that fulfills both your spiritual and material needs.

You'll learn how to live in balance instead of either devolving into degenerate hedonism, or attempting and failing at a stoic life of sacrifice that is beyond what your capabilities.

You'll find self acceptance and true understanding of others.

You'll learn what you TRULY VALUE, not what you've taught you should care about, and you'll be able to build a life around what YOU WANT.

A life of fun, freedom and fulfilment.

You'll see life for what it truly is A GAME.

And you'll learn the rules to follow to become a true player in the game.

Does that sound interesting?

If it does, then let me tell you about what this course really is.


This course is an owners manual for life. It will teach you how to understand the game of life, how to play life like a video game, how to make the game fun and fulfilling, how to win the game, and how to go to HEAVEN.


  • You believe in a higher power or at least open to the idea
  • You have a thirst for knowledge, wisdom and insight
  • You want to design a life that's fun and fulfilling
  • You want hyper-applicable strategies and tactics on optimal lifestyle design
  • You're ready to take MASSIVE action on winning the game of life


  • How GOD created the world and why
  • Why sin, temptation, evil, and death exist in the world
  • How to understand the true nature of the world
  • How you incarnated and why
  • What you really are
  • How to understand yourself as a player in the game of life
  • How you experience life as a series of state changes
  • How you chase state in everything you do
  • How your experience of life is completely subjective
  • How you’ve been programmed through the word game
  • Why words aren't real
  • How powerful people control you through word games
  • How concepts control your reality
  • How concepts are created by real world rituals
  • How real world rituals control the minds of the masses
  • Why money, government, nations, products only exist between your ears
  • How you define "reality" through words and concepts
  • How "reality" only exists through agreement
  • How your belief system works
  • Why most of what you believe is a dead man's programming
  • That most people's beliefs are just rich men's lies
  • How to understand your character in the game of life
  • How your persona is literally an actor's mask
  • How shame and acceptance affect you
  • What happens after you die
  • Direct evidence of life after death
  • The exact course of your SOUL's journey after death
  • Why your death is more important than your life
  • How to view life like a game (and why it's important)
  • What your spiritual purpose is
  • What your material purpose is
  • How to play the game of life
  • Why you need to create games to play within the game of life
  • How consistent state is the purpose of all your games
  • How consistent state comes from filling your voids
  • How your voids create your values
  • How your values determine what games you want to play
  • The 6 categories of games to play within the game of life
  • How to define a good game
  • Why a good game needs teammates, barriers and opponents
  • Why you get bored of games when you have total control
  • 64 types of life games to play
  • How to create your ideal life
  • How to create goals out of games
  • How to choose your games and set your goals
  • How to view your goals as game trophies
  • How to use projects to achieve your goals
  • How to create your ideal weekday, weekend and vacation days


  • Setting your income, investment, credit and wealth protection goals
  • Setting your lifestyle, network, dating and personal branding goals
  • Setting your residency, base, citizenship and expat banking goals
  • Setting Your fitness, health, TRT and anti-aging goals
  • Setting your property, vehicle, clothing and tech goals
  • Setting your organization, Mission, security, and spiritual goals
  • Planning out the conditions required to create your ideal days
  • How to structure your ideal days
  • How to timeblock your ideal days
  • Choosing your base 1, sase 2, residencies, vacation spots and budget
  • Creating your ideal weekday, weekend and vacation days in detail
  • How to take action on creating your ideal days


  • 10 course section videos for a total of over 11 hours of video content
  • An an audio book with over 11 hours of audio content
  • A 123 page pdf ebook
  • A video walk-through of my goals and projects
  • Example list spreadsheet of 100 decade goals within 14 different life games
  • Example list spreadsheet of 23 example yearly goals within 14 different life games
  • Example list spreadsheet of 70 projects within 14 different life games
  • A decade goals worksheet
  • A yearly goals worksheet
  • A yearly projects worksheet
  • A list of 23 ideal cities to set up your bases and the ideal time to live there
  • A list of 26 ideal cities to vacation to and the ideal time to visit
  • An example ideal weekday in Bangkok, Thailand with pictures
  • An example ideal weekday in Batumi, Georgia with pictures
  • An example ideal weekend day in Bali, Indonesia with pictures
  • An example vacation day in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico with pictures
  • An ideal day planning worksheet
  • An ideal weekday worksheet
  • An ideal weekend worksheet
  • An ideal vacation day worksheet


  • You will be see through the matrix
  • You will have superhuman insight
  • You will be reprogrammed and reborn
  • You will have total clarity on your purpose
  • You will see life as a fun game
  • You will have unshakeable faith in GOD
  • You will have a gameplan to get to HEAVEN
  • You will have set every goal you need to win the game of life
  • You will have a gameplan to achieve your goals
  • You will have a gameplan to live your ideal day every day
  • You'll be able to play life like a video game


You will be able to see through the whole game with SUPERHUMAN INSIGHT, INWARDLY SMILING to yourself knowing you've uncovered priceless wisdom, knowing you are immune to all narratives that don't serve directly benefit you, and you will FEEL TREMENDOUS MENTAL FREEDOM knowing you have the keys to unlock the door of all your potential.

You will FEEL INCREDIBLE INSPIRATION and ANTICIPATION about the future, your body will be BUZZING with ENERGY and EXCITEMENT, knowing you are playing the right games for your ideal lifestyle, and that you have all the goals necessary to win those games, and all the action steps needed to achieve those goals.

You will feel completely SOLID, and in total CONTROL of your life. You will be in the driver's seat of your life, where you are no longer reactive to events, you are proactively controlling them in advance.

You will no longer feel the weight of things you should be planning for, with vague poorly fleshed out goals subconsciously weighing you down. Instead you will FEEL LIGHT, INSPIRED and in TOTAL CONTROL, knowing you've brought all your ideal outcomes to light and there is a concrete gameplan to achieve them all.

You will feel AMAZEMENT after you have created your ideal lifestyle in detail. You will feel AMAZED at how attainable your ideal life is, you will be able to see that living luxuriously in an EXOTIC location might only cost you $6000 per month.

You will know which exotic city you will be living in. What high rise luxury condo or spectacular villa you'll be staying in. You will know the cost of staying there. You will have pictures and videos of the view from your bedroom. You will be able to FEEL the sunlight beaming into your corner suite as it gently wakes you up in the morning without an alarm clock. You will be able smell the freshly brewed coffee your foreign girlfriend has already made for you, as you glide into your expansive living room, with floor to ceiling windows and a panoramic view of the city.

You will be able to SEE THE ALIVENESS of the city from behind the steering wheel of your dream car, you will be able to smell the leather of the exotic luxury vehicle, you will be able to turn your head and see the beautiful women sitting next to you en route to dinner at a 5 star restaurant, knowing this is a fantasy to most but just another weekday to you.

You will be able to FEEL THE WIND flowing through your hair as you take your motorcycle up to the mountains for the weekend, winding through jungle roads overlooking a majestic forest, with your dream woman clutching on to you as you aggressively lean into a hairpin turn, music blasting through your headphones, all the while knowing this is not a vacation, just another weekend in your life.

You will feel LIBERATED, when you picture what your future vacations will look like. Knowing you can just get on a plane and go anywhere at any time, that you have TOTAL FREEDOM. You can picture the beautiful beach town, the friendly locals you pass by on your leisurely morning walk to the beach, the white sand under your feet, the warm air and the bright sun shining down on you, the cool ocean breeze as you casually walk along the beach, admiring all the beautiful, exotic women laying out in the sun, while all your old friends are stuck in the same dead end jobs suffering through winter in your home country.

You will be able to see into the future, to see your "I've made it moment", where you can't believe this is your real life, and you have to pinch yourself to see if you're dreaming, where you're dizzy with the success of your business, financial security, beautiful women, and being able to live and travel in luxury anywhere you want at any time.


Are you ready to become a true player in the game of life by using the hyper-applicable systems, strategies and tactics I've perfected over a decade through rigorous field testing on myself, my friends and my successful coaching clients?

Or would you prefer to continue stumbling unstrategically by trial and error?

If you're ready to get serious about turning your dream life into a reality then...


I want this!

You’ll receive lifetime access to the Life Game course, with 10 videos spanning over 11 hrs, an audio book version and PDF ebook document with over 100 pages, as well as downloadable worksheets for you to use, that will show you exactly how to understand, play and win the game of life!


Life Game: How To Play The Game Of Life

I want this!